TDS | 2014.04.10 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
"The exciting news today is, I no longer need a cable subscription for the privilege of watching Stephen Colbert."

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"Everyone thinks I’m anti-social just because I want to stay sober."

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Today Ryan Smyth of the Edmonton Oilers played his 1,270th  and final NHL game.

As he was taking his final lap in tears and saluting fans, we got to witness one of the classiest moments in sports we’ve ever seen. The entire canuck team came back out to individually congratulate Ryan Smyth on an amazing career.

Ain’t hockey just the greatest?

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The Nun Who Got Addicted to Twitter

“My superior is a gamer.” Sister Helena Burns said, laughing. “You know you’re a media nun when your superior is a gamer.” 

You might not expect nuns to be experts on Twitter, Facebook, and multi-player video games, but Burns defies all expectations. With 13,790 Twitter followers and counting, the Daughter of St. Paul calls herself a “media nun”: A woman religious with a calling to communicate the word of Christ, in any way she can.

And yes, there is a gamer-superior in her convent.

“She has this souped-up computer,” Burns continued. “She gets her own little ministry out there. Once people get to know she’s a nun, they have questions, or they ask for prayers. But you do have to clean up your language when Sister Irene’s out there.”

I imagine Sister Irene sitting in front of a sleek desktop with neon LED backlights, wearing her bright yellow Grado headphones and concentrating intensely on a multi-player RPG. It’s a funny image—there’s such a symbolic disconnect between the stereotypical idea of a nun and a basement-dwelling teenager who loves World of Warcraft. That’s what’s so fascinating about these sisters and their order: They defy stereotypes about who participates in Internet culture, and how.

So how does a nun use social media?

Read more. [Image courtesy of Helena Burns]

New personal hero.

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roasted banana and caramel milkshake.

That… looks…

I forgot what I was going to say.

And who I am.

Where am I?

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the sexiest cosplay

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Reasons why Gus is a fucking gift.

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Mind-Blowing TV Spot Recreates Six Iconic Images in One Uninterrupted Shot

No CGI. It’s all practical work. Sploosh.

Don’t need no computers for magic to work!  Yeahhh! Awesome!

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I tried shaking water to produce glowing bubbles. Nothing happened, though.


Physics, Tennessee Technological University

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the real sun is too complicated so we made a fake sun on a computer. the fake computer sun is too complicated so we drew a cartoon. the cartoon is wrong.


Space Physics, University of Michigan

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Spaceballs 3, the search for new physics. We ain’t found shit.


Experimental High Energy Particle Physics PhD, University of California

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I shined lasers at some cold shit and it made light I can’t explain.


Physics, Davidson

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